Thompson Rivers University Gallery, 2012

University of Texas at Dallas Visual Art Building, Main Gallery, 2012

Dorothy’s Mirror is an experimental digital video installation piece that expresses the ineffable by remixing found footage as raw material. In this work, the image is transformed into a conceptual framework that deconstructs and reconfigures found cinematic footage and sound. Remixing allows us to explore the nature of identity, reflection, fear and drudgery across a variety of styles, time periods, cultures and anguages. The concept behind this fragmented, non-narrative video is to recontextualize the pre-existing pieces, rendered silent, to build a new story framework that is greater than the sum of its parts. The links between clips are psychological connectors that add continuity to the disjunctures in time, space, place and subject. These three streams have at their center Dorothy’s Mirror with the figure of the absent subject searching for herself. It is an image that can never be fixed or captured in the looking glass. Dorothy's mirror is flanked on the left by the haunting presence of a nightmare scenario of the never-made return voyage on a doomed titanic ship, Shipwreck, and on the right by the repetitive drudgery of the assembly line and women's factory work, Ghost in the Machine.


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